Make me a magician

Make me a magician

An online course tailored to release your inner magician. Get Hands on and learn to vanish with your brother, amaze your parents, become the ace of your school.

By the end of this simple course you will be able to perform a full routine to impress your family, friends and people around you.

You will feel comfortable on how you perform magic and how you introduce yourself to a crowd. You will learn basic concepts that you will take with you throughout your magician journey.

Your instructor
Professional magician, shop owner and founder of Abracademy. Over the last 15 years Pittas has introduced hundreds of people to magic showing them the coolest tricks in the trade. As a shop owner he is testing magic all the time and therefore can show you the most amazing magic for your skills. Most important Pittas loves magic and teaching.

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Make me a magician

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